Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen Trends for 2010 in New Jersey New Homes

The National Kitchen & Bath Association surveyed designers to reveal the top design trends for 2010, and has released results you might want to consider in your Mercer County new home.

Trends popular this year include
  • Hiding your appliances in kitchen drawers, whether dishwashers-in-a-drawer or undercounter refrigeration (drawers being used as refrigerators). More home owners are opting to tuck their appliances away so they don’t interfere with the kitchen design.
  • Dishwashers-in-a-drawer are convenient -you can wash small loads of dishes in each drawer, which saves water and electricity
  • Shades of white and off-whites are the most common kitchen colors, followed by brown, beige, and bone hues.
  • The most popular wood for kitchen cabinetry remains cherry, followed by maple. Declining in favor are painted cabinets, light natural finishes, and distressed finishes.
  • Traditional is the most popular kitchen design with contemporary a close 2nd
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile and natural stone remain the most popular kitchen flooring, but hardwoods will dominate kitchens this year in many parts of the country.
  • Granite is the most popular option for countertops, but quartz is inching up to it in popularity, both in kitchens and baths.
The overall trends are toward more natural finishes, materials, and definitely toward green energy efficiency.

Interested in buying a new home this year in Mercer County or surrounding areas in central New Jersey?  I know the builders, the developments, and the process.  Give me a call or email for ideas on how to make your dream of owning a new construction home in Hamilton become reality.

Joe Giancarli, Sales Associate

(photos courtesy of ModernKitchenDesigns.)

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