Friday, July 16, 2010

Negotiation with a Builder on a New Home in Mercer Co NJ

Many buyers who haven't purchased new construction are a little timid when it comes to negotiating with builders for buyer incentives and changes.  After all, it is your new home and you want it to look like your tastes, not hundreds of others - that's why you want a new home in Mercer County.  What's the best way to negotiate with the builder?

First, use a Realtor (me) who knows the builders and who knows the quality of their products.  There is no substitute for this specialized knowledge in new home construction, whether you are looking in Hamilton, or Robbinsville, or West Windsor.

Second, while you can look all you want online for houses in the MLS, finding new construction is harder to do yourself.  There is no one good resource for Mercer County new homes.  You can search by builder, but that implies a knowledge of knowing who is building where.  Back to needing a knowledgeable Realtor.  Only by knowing the competition, and what other builders are offering, can you feel comfortable asking for individual changes in your own new home.

Third, you need to be honest about what you want and what you need.  There is always a difference.  While builders are sitting on a lot of inventory this year and really want to sell their new homes, they have to make money too.  So they aren't going to offer you buyer incentives to upgrade everything in the home.  Before you  confer with your Realtor about what to ask from the builder, prioritize your "demands."

Negotiation doesn't mean someone winning a battle and the other side losing.  It means a win-win situation where all parties feel they received a fair outcome.  

Let's talk about how you can find your new home in Hamilton or East Windsor or Lawrenceville and feel good about it - plus be ready to move in before Fall.

Joe Giancarli
Real Estate Advisor
Sales Associate

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