Friday, June 11, 2010

NJ Building Professionals Embrace new Business Model

According to a survey taken by PCBC, a building industry trade organization, home builders become better businesspeople.

Building industry professionals say as a result of the recession, they have become
  • More adaptable, 65 percent
  • More innovative, 53 percent
  • More realistic, 52 percent
  • Wiser, 47 percent
  • Have improved industry-related skills, 43 percent
  • More in touch with the operations of their businesses, 40 percent
  • Have a better work-personal life balance, 36 percent
  • More pessimistic, 27 percent

I can help you find New Jersey builders, in Hamilton, Robbinsville, East and West Windsor, and other Mercer County communities, who have the attitudes and energy to build your new home.  Call or email while there is still time for you to buy and move in this summer.

Joe Giancarli, Sales Associate


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